Over 75 Tournament another triumph.

Over 75 Tournament another triumph.

By Barry Coe
15th April
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Bill Greenwood's over 75+ tournament another roaring success. Thanks to all the club members who helped out.

Hi all, It's over!!
Once again, a great success - even more so than usual thanks to the additional input from club members which helped to spread the load.
As usual, media of any sort ignored the event, but that made no difference to the enjoyment.
Whatever you post on the Club web site, please emphasise my personal thanks to everyone who chipped in to help. It couldn't have happened without them

This year's tournament had 3 sections - The Over 5th 75s Regional competition (for which the event was originally established in 2015), the Aspirants, aimed at the nearly 75s, but which has attracted a rather larger age range and the Ancients who included an Over 80 team as well as various other entries consisting of teams which were not strong enough to cope with the Aspirants.

On Friday, East beat Midlands 5 - 1, South and West drew 0 - 0; West beat Midlands 2 - 0 and South drew with East 1 - 1.
On Saturday, East beat West 1 - 0 and Midlands produced the shock result by beating South 4 - 0, leaving East as champions for the second time.

Alliance drew with the Ocer 80s 0 - 0 and lost all their other games.
The Over 80s drew with Alliance and LX Ladies lll 2 - 2 and lost the rest .
Kettering Ladiesllll beat Alliance and the Over 80s 3 - 0 and 4 - 2 respectively, drew with LX Ladies ll 1 - 1 and lost to LX lll and Wales 75s 2 - 0.
LX Ladies ll drew 2 and won 3
LX Ladies lll won 2, lost 2 and drew 1
Wales 75s drew 1 and won 4, thereby winning the new Ancients trophy.
All the matches were closely contested and, above all, played in the right spirit.

ASPIRANTS (those who aspire to still be playing when they are 75..)
This section was dominated by the LX men and Khalsa, with Khalsa winning all their games as well as the play-off.
We had a team of (basically) our men's 4s and one of under 14s, both of which enjoyed mixed success in terms of results, but great enjoyment in competing with a number of very experienced and skillful players. I had many complimentary comments about our U14s, praising both their skills and their attitude.

Saturday evening's buffet was another resounding success, enjoyed by all who attended.
The tournament ran very smoothly thanks to the input of various club members. My personal thanks go to them all for making the event such a success and I hope that even more will want to be involved next year - on April 17, 18 and 19

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